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Alcudia, the essence of the Mediterranean

Alcudia offers a journey of new experiences to discover and enjoy 365 days a year.

Located in the far northwest of Mallorca, between the bays of Alcúdia and Pollença, it is one of the most fascinating landscapes on the island, a peninsula where the whimsical forces of nature have coloured and sculpted the landscape.

This unique enclave, with its temperate Mediterranean climate and where history, legends and traditions converge, has hidden wonders that further accentuate its beauty and havens where silence has not yet been dethroned.

Alcúdia is full of character, rooted in its origins and the essence of the place, and capable of enticing generations of travellers from all over the world in search of authenticity.

The Mediterranean - cradle of our civilization - has been a meeting point of cultures throughout its history.

Culture & History

A privileged natural environment with prehistoric, Roman, Arab and medieval vestiges affords Alcudia its extraordinary historical and cultural heritage.

Walk amongst its cobbled streets, small squares and ancient buildings and you can feel its welcoming touch. Bequeathed by a strong artisan tradition, with a full agenda of cultural events and centuries-old traditions throughout the year, Alcúdia invites its visitors to immerse themselves fully in the local lifestyle.

Museums, art galleries, music, theatre and literary recitals, art exhibitions, folk festivals, artisan and gastronomic fairs, throughout the year, make up one of the most comprehensive events calendars on the island.

Sun & Sea

Alcudia is one long exquisite suntrap, with 30 km of coastline and 18 magnificent beaches, each one different from the last. Together they encompass an extraordinary array of possibilities, from absolute tranquillity and relaxation to exciting leisure activities.

Ideal wind conditions and optimal infrastructures both on land and in the water make this is one of the best bays in Europe for both amateurs and professionals wishing to practice their favourite water sports.

Every water activity you could dream of is catered for here, from snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing in all its forms, to kayaking, windsurfing, paddle surfing, kite surfing and fishing, to name a few.

Extensive pine forests, miles and miles of fine white sand, small coves with crystal clear waters and a gentle sea breeze.

12 walking routes to help you explore our beautiful little paradise, with remote paths into unknown places and breathtaking panoramic views of the coast, mountains and marshes, set against the intense blue backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.

Visiting Alcúdia and not seeing birds is practically impossible. Birds here are omnipresent. Given the wealth of existing habitats and protected nature reserves, there are now more than 200 species of birds; marine, coastal, urban, forest, agricultural, mountain and wetland, some common and ubiquitous, others very scarce and localized, present in our environment at different times of the year.

We have designed 6 itineraries, with all the necessary infrastructures and resources, to facilitate the contemplation of this rich and diverse birdlife.

Alcudia Nature

Nature continues to reign in this corner of Mallorca. Most of its territory has been declared natural conservation zone and its unique native flora and fauna is protected.

Alcudia Sports

For the active sports lover, Alcúdia has the high end infrastructure needed to provide all kinds of training camps and sporting events throughout the year. Countless activities are on offer, for any type of training both individual and collective, as well as to prepare and take part in competitions and races.

A temperate climate, good connections with the rest of the island, a varied terrain and full calendar of events throughout the year make this a unique destination for outdoor sports. The Townhall and local hotels have adapted their facilities and services to make the town more sport-friendly.

For cycling enthusiasts, we have 24 cycle routes of varied degrees of difficulty and distance, for every level from beginner to pro, from the coast to the interior of the island and among some of the most beautiful and changing landscapes of Mallorca.

Thousands of athletes, both professional and amateur, visit us every year from all over the world to practice their favourite sport.

Alcudia Gastro

Mallorca tastes of sea and mountains. Mallorca tastes of the Mediterranean.

For the most discerning of palates - exquisite fish, seafood and meats, seasonal fruit and vegetables, sublime olive oils and fine wines, these are the ingredients of our rich and varied cuisine.
Mallorca’s culinary heritage is rooted in poverty as a virtue and has used the traditional flavours of its humble origins and varied island recipes, infused with a dose of imagination and fantasy, to create a unique and excellent gastronomy.

Tapas, pambolis, traditional, creative and cutting edge cuisine, are all on offer in Alcudia’s beach clubs, seaside cafes and eateries within the medieval city walls.

Alcudia for everyone

Alcudia, an enchanting place

Having a disability shouldn’t be an impediment to being able to travel safely and enjoy new experiences in comfort.

Alcudia, together with the Hadisport Foundation, is fully devoted to inclusive tourism and developing environments that are universally accessible, as well as providing ongoing training to all sectors of the tourism chain, empowering and promoting sports for people with disabilities and ensuring that everyone, regardless of their particular needs, individually or in a group, can fully enjoy their holidays.

We offer a varied, highly welcoming, quality selection and extensive professional experience in the accommodation, food and leisure sectors, making this a very special holiday destination where you can enjoy close contact with local culture, traditions and people.