Alcúdia, a town with taste
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Lovers of good food will be delighted with the wealth and variety on offer: our rich gastronomy spans the simplest dishes to the most exotic whims; from a traditional cuisine with roots that delve deep into the native recipe book to flavours from far flung places, you will find everything you can imagine and more served at the restaurant tables of the municipality of Alcúdia.

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This full culinary repertoire is no coincidence, but the result of years of effort and hard work by local restaurateurs, who have always opted for quality products from the land and sea around the bay of Alcúdia: excellent harvests of local wines, the freshest daily fish, seasonal market products… as well as selected imported meats.

In Alcúdia you will find that many of the high end restaurants serve Mallorcan cuisine, alongside international and signature dishes. But above all, seafood is most present, filling restaurant menus with a wide daily selection of fresh catch straight from the Bay of Alcúdia; one of the many joys of living here.

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Weekly farmer's markets

Since time immemorial the weekly farmer’s market has played a vital role in the daily life of Mallorca’s towns and villages. On the chosen day of the week, farmers and artisans from all over the area would gather in the centre of town to sell their products to the local inhabitants. These commercial get-togethers were also social events, acting as meeting points and a source of entertainment for the neighbourhood. Today, this ancestral tradition lives on in many of the municipalities on the island, where markets are still celebrated once a week.

On the given market day the streets in the town centre get cut to traffic and adorned with colorful stalls selling seasonal fruits and vegetables, flowers, sausages, clothing, leather goods, handicrafts, decorative objects, tools, kitchen utensils, accessories. On these occasions, farmers, artisans and artists sell their wares in person, giving us access to zero kilometre products at prices that are usually more than reasonable, in addition to creating a more direct and human shopping experience.

Weekly markets
  • Alcúdia
    • Tuesdays 9 am – 2 pm
    • Passeig Pere Ventayol
    • Passeig Mare de Deu de la Victória
    • Pza Carles V
  • Port d'Alcúdia
    • Fridays 9 am – 2 pm
    • Pza. Cas Vicari
Events & Activities

The cuttlefish fair

Solivellas oil tasting

Son Simó wine tasting