Our Beaches

Alcudia beach

More than seven kilometres of fine white sand and calm transparent waters with a rolling slope that makes it shallow for hundreds of yards, make this one of the prettiest and safest beaches on the island. Water sports and other activities are available.

From June to September there is a free entertainment programme laid on for kids and adults, and full beach amenities: spas, cafes, toilets and showers.

The busiest part stretches from the marina promenade all the way to Ciudad Blanca, where the canal acts as a natural barrier between this and the next beach, which is remarkably unspoiled

Cala Poncet and Aucanada

Cala Poncet is a small hidden treasure where time seems to stand still. Its seabed is a combination of sand, rock and large expanses of Oceanic Posidonia, the local protected algae, largely responsible for that quintessential Mediterranean blue.

Alcanada beach is nearby, exquisite and rather unusual, with large boulders, a small pine forest and a sandy seabed. It takes its name from the islet of Alcanada, with its pretty lighthouse, a landmark on this beautiful part of the Alcudia coastline.

The beaches of Sant Joan and Sant Pere

These two small beaches on the southern side of the Bay of Pollensa are almost identical; soft white sand dotted with native vegetation and enclosed within rocky coves. They have a particular charm that attracts local residents and visitors looking for a peaceful haven with stunning panoramic views. Depending on the whims of the wind and weather its waters can be calm and clear or wavy and playful.

The Marina, the Morer Vermell and Can Cap de Bou

Following the contour of the Bay of Pollença, the coastline in these areas still retains the charm of a time gone by. Without the need for large extensions of sand, it enjoys a timeless appeal that the local population enjoys. You will find peaceful corners here that invite conversation and rest.

Can Cap de Bou is the windy area at the edge of the l'Albufereta Nature Reserve, in the middle of the bay - popular with sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. If you take the Bay road from Port de Pollensa to Alcudia you are sure to see their colourful kites pirouetting in the sky.


There aren’t many places where you can move between the mountains and the sea as seamlessly as on the Victoria Peninsula. Halfway to the Hermitage you will begin to see small coves etched into the rocky coastline, one after the other, until you reach S’Illot, the most magnificent of them all.

This is about as close to paradise as you get; turquoise waters lapping against a pebbled beach, the sea lush with marine life and incredibly, it is often empty. It is an excellent spot for snorkelling, diving and canoeing.

Es Coll Baix

Coll Baix is unique, one of the most unspoiled beaches on the island, and a wonderful place for those looking for nature at its most raw and beautiful. You can only get here by boat or on foot, via a steep narrow path. The sand is golden and the water an amazing hue of blue.