The Port of Alcudia has a great relevance since Roman times for its commercial activity and its strategic position in the Western Mediterranean . It is currently the second largest port in the island after Palma . It's located 1.5 kilometres from the historical center.

Around a small nucleus of fishermen's houses a world-class tourist center, has been developed with a sports/ leisure port for nautical tourism and with a wide selection of leisure, gastronomy and shopping.

In the harbour, traditional fishing boats mingle with modern vessels dedicated mostly to the recreational and sport fishing.

The Port of Alcudia is part of the network of ports of the Balearic Islands and has had a prominent role in the development of not only the city but also in the own island of Mallorca paper. It is now a destination for cruise tourism.

Economic activities such as trade, fisheries exploitation, shipbuilding in the shipyards, transport of people , strategic needs and defensive activities, have been present in its history.

It has two very different areas: the commercial dock and the smaller vessels one, which is formed by the fishing harbour and a marina.

A modern promenade runs around the port with a wide range of leisure, dining, shopping and tourist accommodation offer.