Sant Joan

This 100 metre-long beach of fine white sand is very similar to its neighbouring Sant Pere beach; they're as like as two peas. Both have the same facilities; sun bed and parasol rental and their own open air bar. The sights are also very similar, both facing the same place. Going from one to another is just a walk along a small rocky path. 

A talus slope covered with thick vegetation capable to endure the onslaught of the Tramuntana emerges behind this beach. Pine trees and terraced houses shape this natural setting where many neighbours and locals drop by to take their daily swim.


- Area: Mal Pas - Bonaire 
- Type: Thick, white sand. 
- Services: Easy access, easy parking, open air bar, sun bed and parasol rental.
- Occupation: Medium.


By car, on foot, by bike

- Departing from Alcúdia take the Camí del Mal Pas for 2 km. 
- At the small roundabout turn left into the Carrer Caleta for about 100 metres. 
- Turn left again into the Camí de Manresa for 200 metres. 
- There's a little car park nearby.