Coll Baix


Es Coll Baix is one of the most special beaches on the island, a rarity, a gift for people fond of nature. But it is not easy to reach. You'll have to walk for kilometres along a path surrounded by pine trees, which becomes a little more difficult at the end. As you come closer to the end, you get a better view of what expects you down there; an unspoiled beach surrounded by high mountain slopes. It's 250-m long and 75-m wide with a mixture of sand and shingle. 

The water colour is milky turquoise. The water deepens quickly very close to the seashore, which makes it a perfect place for anchoring near the coast.


- Area: Cabo Pinar. 
- Type: Thick sand and pebbles.
- Services: None. Unspoilt beach.
- Occupation: Low.


By car, on foot, by bike
- Departing from Alcúdia take the Camí del Mal Pas for 1,5 km. 
- At the little roundabout take the second turn right into the Camí de la Muntanya for 3 km until you reach a small shelter. 
- From there follow the signs towards the path and you'll get there in about 30 minutes.