This is located in the Bay of Alcúdia, between the Port of Alcúdia and the Alcanada residential development. It owes its name to its location in the Port Major (the Main or Principal Port of Alcúdia) at around 18 metres above sea level.

Its construction began at the end of the 16th century under the orders of King Philip III to complete the defence of the city and the Island of Majorca. Visually it dominates the whole of the Bay of Alcúdia, and for this reason it is one of the five strategic surveillance points along Alcúdia’s coastal zone, together with the Penya des Migdia (or Roja), Sa Talaia d’AlcúdiaTacàritx and the Castell de Manresa.

The tower is conical-shaped with a diameter and height of 14 metres. The doorway bears two coats of arms belonging to Philip III, attributed to Antoni Verger and dating from 1602: one is of the city of Alcúdia and one is of the Viceroy Ferran Sanoguera.

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