One of the most illustrious neighbors of Alcúdia was Reinhard Mohn, of German origin and one of the most important publishers of Europe. He discovered this corner of the Mediterranean that he presented with the Library of Can Torró.

In 1988, thanks to a cooperation agreement between the Ajuntament d'Alcúdia and the Bertelsmann Foundation, the Fundació Biblioteca d'Alcúdia Can Torró was created, with the aim of providing the Public Library service in the city of Alcúdia.

The chosen building was the old manor house of can Torró, restored and adequately qualified for its new social function. Building to which it has recently adhered its annex, Can Fondo, another architectural jewel of century XIV. Its courtyards have united and one place complements the other in its task of promoting art.

From the first moment it was considered not only as a library to use, but as a multimedia space, a place of dynamic leisure for all ages, that surpassed the traditional concept of book store. It is easy to see children enjoying in the evenings in the games room, students doing their homework, seniors looking for a good book or looking at the discography and people passing by reading all sorts of magazines. More information: 



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