Alcúdia is known for being a safe place, even though, in order to avoid possible trouble, it is advisable to ask which travel insurance protects you if you lose your luggage or any other hitch. 

In case of lost luggage you can make a complaint at the airport or at the hotel. In case of a theft you must turn to the Local Police or to the Guardia Civil. You'll need a police report to claim the insurance . From law enforcement agencies, you will receive guidance on how to retrieve the documents that have been taken. We strongly recommend you to be careful with your personal belongings to avoid unnecessary risks.

You can also do an online report:

See how you can do an online report here


This is the most common police force in tourist areas. They dress in blue and have a local competence. Their office is located right in the old town. You will see them patrolling along the beach, at the market and other tourist areas.

In the case of loss of personal belongings you can contact them. In the Local Police you can find a Department of lost and found where you can claim them. The opening times of the Lost and found office is Monday to Friday, from 9.00h to 15.00h

You'll find them at:

Carrer Bastió de Sant Ferran s/n  · 07400 Alcúdia

Telf. (+34) 971 545 066

(+34) 971 897 652

Official Website POLICIA LOCAL


The Policía Nacional (National Police) intervene in complicated situations, specially investigation of offences or illegal immigration. They also deal with issuing and controlling identity cards and passports.

 You can contact them by just dialing 091 or at the following address:

Calle Simon Ballester, 8 · 07011 Palma

Telf. (+34) 971 22 52 00



It is an armed force dressed in green. They control some rural areas and roads. Dial 062 to contact them or visit them in:

Carrer de Francesc Borja i Moll s/n · 07400 Port d'Alcúdia

Telf. 971 546 908

Opening time from 9.00h to 21.00h every day.