During Futur Alcúdia 92, the council declared Alcúdia Municipio Ecoturístico (Eco-friendly tourist township), as a proof of the wish to protect and conserve the environment.  This declaration implies a higher commitment of Alcúdia Council in order to protect the environment in every field of productivity, which is proved by the great number of actions that are being carried out.

 In 1994 Alcúdia Council implemented the award of an Environmental Quality Label in recognition to those tourist establishments with a strong commitment towards the environment. The main aim is to encourage the tourist industry to protect the environment by being awarded an Environmental Quality Label that is reliable and recognized in all tourist and tourist-related scales.

 In order to obtain this label, the tourist establishments must fulfil a series of quality programs: to reduce waste, to do a selective rubbish collection, to use recycled material and ecological products, to reduce electrical consumption, to eliminate noise, and to show environmental, cultural and linguistic respect, among others.

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