Sobrassada de Mallorca is a cured raw meat sausage, made with selected pork meats that are minced and seasoned with salt, paprika and other spices. The traditional need to find ways of conserving meat led to the development of numerous different ways of lengthening its useful life. One way is clearly by mincing, seasoning and curing the meat. The first historical reference to the name sobrasada can be found in a Sicilian document dated 1403, which describes a consignment of food products.

In late 1993, the Government of the Balearic Islands officially recognized the specific designation Sobrasada de Mallorca and, in early 1996, the European Union protected the name Sobrasada de Mallorca by awarding it a quality designation known as a Protected Geographical Indication. This meant that the protection originally granted in Spain was extended to cover the whole European Union.

Botifarró is also a cooked meat product which is made with minced pork, anise, spices and pine nuts. It has an elongated cylindrical shape of about 10 cm and a diameter ranging between 2 and 4 cm.