Etymologically , the word Panada derives from -breading- which means: close a thing with bread for later cooking in the oven or frying in the pan. In ancient times Panades were small cakes made ​​with chopped meat, fish or vegetables. The panades have a circular shape that once filled, is closed with a lid of the same dough. The filling can be meat with and without peas, varying types of meat and even fish. The most typical in Mallorca are stuffed with lamb, which are made at Easter time, when this meat is tastier. Panades stuffed with fish were more typical of the days of Lent. 


It's a product made with a dough of fine flour, semicircular or moon-shaped, stuffed with vegetables, raisins and pine nuts. The edges of the dough are stuck together making small pinches, hence its particular appearance. Like panades, afterwards they are baked . Usually they are filled with mixed vegetables but there are other varieties.


It is prepared throughout the year and can be found in all bakeries of Mallorca. There are different versions: vegetables, peppers, chard and spinach, with pieces of meat or fish or trempó (a typical Majorcan salad consisting of small pieces of green pepper, tomato and well seasoned onion served and eaten cold especially in summer, accompanied by bread with oil and other food).

They are rectangular doughs on which the aforementioned ingredients are put and cooked in the oven. A kind of rectangular pizzas but with other ingredients.